Duo nettoyant visage  & Tampons Démaquillants Réutilisables | Erinea-oko - erinea.ca

Duo Face Wash & Reusable Makeup Remover Pads | Erinea-oko

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Our shock duo

1. The face cleanser: see the ingredients

This successful three-in-one facial cleanser that not only removes makeup and mascara (without the stinging!), It cleanses our children's faces as well.
All gently for clean, balanced skin.

2. Reusable Hemp Make-up Removing Pads (8) - oko creations

Made from natural wadded hemp, these Reusable, Washable Make-up Removing Pads are gentle on the skin and replace disposable pads. Unlike the latter, they do not tear between the fingers when wet, are economical and of course ecological!