Who are we

Erinea's story

Before Erinea

The story of the company and the care we provide began when I enrolled in herbalist training. I was passionate about plants, their properties and how they could be used.

I started studying working as a night nurse.

I mainly started making products for myself and those around me. It’s like a virus that has won over me and will not let go. It’s the only virus I don’t want to find a cure for.

I discovered a side of myself that I didn't know. Creation. The making of products is a pure moment of intense happiness. I knew that I had found my way, my world and that I would never leave it again.

Over time

Herbalist studies progress at the same time as 3 children complete the family.

Product manufacturing began to take up a lot of space in our family life.

Making the decision to no longer work as a nurse and devote myself to manufacturing is a choice of incredible evidence

Thanks to the support of my partner and my children, I was going to take a turn that will forever change our lives to open my own cosmetics business.

The day ERINEA was born

Once I made the decision, I needed a name. What could be more logical to give the name of my children to my / our company: ERINEA.

ERINEA was born in July 2015. She was very small on paper but so big in our hearts.

As time goes on

Today, I am so proud to be able to offer products as I had imagined. Products filled with love and passion for their creation.

Use plants as raw materials in the design of care. Care that meets people's needs.

ERINEA is the story of a girl who moves in a world of her own surrounded by her family.