The bulk

Bulk, I'm on board

At Erinea, we are thrilled to offer our products in bulk and that the "zero waste" movement is taking more and more place.

Together, we are helping people adopt healthier purchasing practices for our planet and future generations of living beings.

We encourage everyone to get on board with bulk.

Together, we are helping to change the world one container at a time.

A few tips

Rinse and wash your containers well, dry the bottle well both inside and out.

If you have glass containers, you can put them in the dishwasher. This step is even more important than rinsing, as bacteria thrive in moist environments.

Clean the cap or pump before each filling. If you have 90% alcohol, that's even better!

Always fill the same product in the same bottle. For example, avoid filling mouthwash in a deodorant bottle or vice versa.

In the store :

Before filling the bottle, check that the retailer's pump is clean.

Always keep your hands clean and dry.

Limit contact between the fill bottle and the tip of the pump.

Do not touch the area where the product exits the pump with your fingers.

If you have any questions about bulk or if you are a collaborator and would like to have our bulk products in your store, please contact us at 514-583-7575 or by email: